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Rosa Parks T-shirts

     According to the old saying, "some people are born
to greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.
" Greatness was certainly thrust upon Rosa Parks, but the
modest former seamstress has found herself equal to the challenge.
Known today as "the mother of the Civil Rights Movement,"
Parks almost single-handedly set in motion a veritable revolution
in the southern United States, a revolution that would eventually
secure equal treatment under the law for all black Americans.
"For those who lived through the unsettling 1950s and 1960s
and joined the civil rights struggle, the soft-spoken Rosa Parks
was more, much more than the woman who refused to give up her
bus seat to a White man in Montgomery, Alabama,"
wrote Richette L. Haywood in Jet. "[Hers] was an act that forever
changed White America's view of Black people
, and forever changed America itself."

Form fitting women styles, contoured fit that clinges to the body. 
Sizes Small 0-4, Med 4-8, Large 8-12, XLarge 12-16
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